LittleBizzy is a server management service focused on technical SEO and regional performance for WordPress websites. A dedicated cloud VM server is deployed for every single domain that we host in order to achieve market-leading security and stability; the underlying LEMP stack configurations are created with SlickStack.

This approach is especially effective for local SEO clients who are looking to outrank (and out-convert) their competitors. We will soon be offering custom WordPress themes, too.

The service also manages several high-end WooCommerce sites and general high-traffic viral content sites that need to scale.

We are in the process of moving all clients to their own DigitalOcean (etc) accounts instead of our own, to provide better peace of mind and to avoid spending time on billing issues. Going forward, our service will simply be an “add-on” service that clients can order/cancel at anytime, that includes uptime monitoring, cloud storage backups, and general assistance with their SlickStack server(s).

Feel free to order at anytime via our homepage, or you can send me a message via Skype with any questions.