Hi, I’m Jesse.

I maintain a few different online projects, and I offer some fixed-price consulting services (online only) as well. In a nutshell, I’m a big fan of free speech, FOSS, and the open web in general.

I also contribute the occasional guest post or expertise to various publications and news outlets. I am passionate about exposing and reducing fraud and corruption in higher education, online marketing, journalism and media, and government (including courts).

Another passion of mine is the natural environment. Not in the “global warming” sort of way, but in the “let’s agree that pollution is bad and avoidable, animals deserve humane treatment, and in the end we only have one Earth so let’s take care of it” sort of way.

You can hire me if you are looking for critical analysis, OSINT (ethical) research, or consulting. Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed medical, financial, or legal professional, so there’s that.

If you are an activist or journalist (of any political flavor) trying to expose fraud or corruption, and you need technical help, I also provide free consulting and web hosting (in confidence, if needed).

Most of the time, I’m doing technical SEO and website optimization for WordPress clients around the world.

Thanks for stopping by —